Number of COVID-19 test in Delhi increased by four times

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday (June 27, 2020) said Delhi is fighting the most difficult war against coronavirus pandemic and it will emerge victorious, but it will take some time for it.

Kejriwal said that the Delhi government in trying every possible measure to fight the pandemic by increasing beds for COVID-19 patients, raising the number of tests to four times, providing oxymetres and oxygen concentrators to patients in home isolation, providing plasma therapy, and through survey and screening. 

”In the last 1 week, the number of beds has increased significantly. There are 13500 beds present in Delhi now, of which 6500 are occupied. Also, 20000 tests are being conducted daily. I thank Centre for providing us the needed testing kits,” said Kejriwal in a media briefing.

He also informed that the Delhi government has bought 4000 oxygen concentrators for COVID19 patients.

He said a serological survey has started for ascertaining the level of coronavirus spread in the city. Under the survey started on Saturday, 20,000 samples will be collected, the chief minister said.

Earlier in the day, Kejriwal tweeted that Delhi on Friday conducted 21,144 test in a day which is the highest number of tests conducted in India till date. ”Delhi conducted highest no of tests in a singly day yesterday- 21,144 We have increased testing 4 times Delhi now following strategy of very aggressive testing and isolation,” the tweet read.

Meanwhile, Delhi has reported 77,240 confirmed cases making it the second worst-hit state in India. 

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