Lockdown 4.0 Guidelines in India

  1. Restaurants shall be allowed to operate their kitchen for home delivery of food items. While canteens at airports, bus depots, and railway stations have been allowed to cater the stranded Indians returning home.
  2. The Centre has permitted the movement of public transport both within the state and between other states with mutual consent more than 50 days since the imposition of the nationwide lockdown to curb coronavirus spread. 
  3. All the shops which includes barbershops and parlors, except those in malls and containment zones, will be allowed to reopen from Monday with staggered timings. The local authorities will have to ensure that social distancing rules are followed.
  4. Flight services; Metro and rail services; educational institutions; shopping malls, cinema halls, gyms and parks continue to remain closed.
  5. All religious places and congregations shall be closed to public. Sports complexes and stadia will be open but entry of spectators will not be allowed.
  6. For marriage parties, not more than 50 persons and not more than 20 for funeral remains in effect.
  7. Movement of people between 7pm and 7am unless meant for essential services

The new lockdown guidelines essentially pave the way for most economic activity across the country to restart following the mantra of PM Modi’s ‘Jaan bhi Jahan bhi.’

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